“We must advance the redevelopment of our education infrastructure to consider in our policy decisions that our students have their unique experiences and exposures that will influence how information can be delivered for optimal retention and application. It is imperative that we enhance our education system to prepare our students for the careers of the future and not just the jobs of today.” -Valencia Burch

As your Legislator my work will include:

– Design and support of legislation for alternative education models and technical training programs focused on early intervention and prevention of students dropping out of school.

– To work with the State Board of Education to require improved accessibility to technology and dual-language curriculum in our schools starting in elementary

– Working with State Agencies and Local School Districts in policy development for improving the school system on a State and District level to ensure students receive a quality education

– Work to ensure that teachers are appropriately compensated for the important task of educating our students.


The benefits:

– Advancement in alternative education systems to eliminate the “cookie-cutter” approach to education with an emphasis on early intervention for students who may be fast-tracking to dropping out of school.

– Restore latitude back to school administrators and teachers to effectively teach the students in their school.

– An improvement of the social development and integration of students and decrease the number of drop-outs while increasing the number of students who are equipped to compete, achieve, and re-invest in their communities as entrepreneurs and employees in the long-term.


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