Business Development and Job Creation

“Improving small business development within the District is vitally important to progress. Without resources and a strategy, we cannot harness the power necessary to create sustainable jobs, housing, or improve our education system. Starting, stabilizing, and expanding businesses IN the community will bring empowerment, revitalization and employment TO the community” – Valencia Burch

As your Legislator my work will include:

– To pass legislation to ensure financial resources are available to the District for the purpose of starting new businesses, to help sustain existing businesses, and business expansion.

– Work to increase awareness and accessibility to business loans and other business development resources

– Create and support legislation that requires the inclusion of minorities companies, products and services in federal, state and local business opportunities

The Benefits:

– Job creation: Investing in businesses means that a business can remain open, cover payroll and provide stable income for its employees and their families. The investment in a business also means the opportunity to hire new employees becomes more feasible.

– Talent retention: When opportunities are created for business start-ups we can attract and retain talent and new concepts and businesses to the community.

– Work with state housing agencies to improved financing for home ownership.These advancements are essential to homeownership and neighborhood stabilization.

– Work with Organizations for Business development that strengthens our community’s economic base to ATTRACT new businesses that want to INVEST in our community and not simply extract our resources through labor. With a stronger economic infrastructure we can retain more of our prime real estate for community small business development and more stable employment opportunities.

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