Public Safety

“Legislative policies must be created to strengthen trust in the public policing, assure equitable judicial treatment, and be progressive in creating alternative sentencing to incarceration.” – Valencia Burch

As your Legislator my work will include:
– Work to ensure public service officers have the tools necessary to provide adequate and appropriate policing to protect and serve the community and provide safer neighborhoods

– Work to pass legislation to eliminate the sentencing disparities by mitigating the imposition of mandatory sentencing; to restore more authority to judges to determine a sentence based on the facts of the case and individual.

– Work and support for community programs and initiatives that assist ex-offenders with substance abuse, financial literacy, technical and business training, and mental health and wellness services to reduce recidivism.

The benefits:

– The increased support to local organizations with supportive programming for ex-offenders, especially juvenile and those with non-violent offenses, that need alternative and rehabilitation instead of prison cells.

– Assist in the prevention of the school-to-prison pipelines and skyrocketing prison populations

– Better use of taxpayer dollars

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